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Yoga for your soul and body

My daugher and I….OK my daughter asked me…ok she suggested that I should try Yoga. I had gone through a lot, the stress levels was through the roof and the days just blazed by like cars on a highway.

We had been talking a while about wanting to slow things down, but really not being able to, and the she invited me to a 30 day yoga challenge.

At first I was there because of the challenge. As the days went by, I found that I wanted to show up and do yoga.
Time started to take on a new meaning and slowly transformed to something manageable. My morning break, my pause, my time, my yoga.

Here is a big shout out to my daughter and Adriene

Microsoft to-do

Microsoft to-do

Started using this task management system called Microsoft to-do.

It has really transformed the way I plan my day and my tasks.

Before I had lists formost in OneNote, but this is just awesome.

One of the most useful features is the "mark an email and it automatically becomes a task". It is soooo simple. Futher more the fact that it works seemingly on my PC, Phone and tablet. Integrated with my calendars both on my android devise and my windows workstation.

One more thing about this I love is the fact that you start of each day with a clean slate. I love making my coffee in the morning and sitting down to plan my day.

Oh... Did I mention that it is absolutely free, no adds no nothing, just free 🙂

Try it, it might just change your life.

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