How to configure ghettoVCB to replicate your virtual server on EXSi 6.x, 7.0

The answer is “YES!” it does and its really easy to setup too.

ghettoVCB does the trick and I covered the installation process in this post.

So after you completed the installation, check where the files ended up, during the installation:

find / -name ghettoVCB*

As you see, files ended up in /etc and /opt and the example configuration file is located in /ect

Make a copy of the the configuration file “ghettoVCB.conf” and start customize

 cp /etc/ghettovcb/ghettoVCB.conf /etc/ghettovcb/ghettoVCB.conf_old

You can always obtain the default configuration file from GitHub

Now edit ghettoVCB configuration file, with vi

vi /ect/ghettoVCB/ghettoVCB.conf

A full explanation of all options can be found in the documentation

I apply the KISS principle and only change the path to the shared locally mounted NFS storage space. Exit and save your changes, “ESC”, “:” and then “wq!”

You have the possibility to make a dryrun, I recommend doing that.

/opt/ghettovcb/bin/./ -m test.ubuntu -g /etc/ghettovcb/ghettoVCB.conf

So what is going on here

  1. We call the executable and then we tell ghettoVCB to only backup a single vm with the “-m” flag, if you want to backup all, just set the “-a” flag instead and no vm name.
  2. We then tell ghettoVCB to use our customized configuration file.
a successful end report

And you are done!

I would recommend reading the documentation about setting up the cronjob to automate the process.

Have a wonderful day!