Ubuntu 18.4 – the Client Side

Install NFS on the client system and mount the share.

Step 1: Install NFS-Common Package

Start by updating the system packages and repositories before anything else.

sudo apt update

Next, install nfs-common packages.

sudo apt install nfs-common

Step 2: Create a NFS Mount Point on Client

Next, you will have to create a mount point on which you will mount the NFS share from the server. Run the command:

sudo mkdir -p /mnt/nfs_clientshare

Step 3: Mount NFS Share on Client System

The last step remaining is mounting the NFS share that is shared by the NFS server. This will enable the client system to access the shared directory.

Let’s check the NFS Server’s IP address.


To achieve this run the command:

sudo mount  /mnt/nfs_clientshare

Great your are done!